The Byzantine Museum of Argolis

The Byzantine Museum of Argolis is housed in the west wing of the historical Kapodistrias Barracks Compound in the city of Argos. Exhibits are arranged chronologically starting from early Christianism and byzantine era, Venetocracy, Ottoman occupation to Kapodistrias’ time. The exhibition aims to give a broader view of the aforementioned eras through thematic entities regarding the religiosity, architecture, daily life of the locals (commerce, clothing, food preparation, and consumption) and, also, the coexistence of distinct cultures in the area of Argolis. The exhibition means were chosen to preserve the metallic surfaces without printed coverage. Illustrations should serve the narration of the exhibition and the architectural aesthetics of the space. For that reason, sketches inspired from the original medieval manual illustrations were drawn, reflecting the appropriate theming units. The sketched figures were colored matching the background together with an additional color contrast different for every thematic unit. As a result, a shadow printing effect is achieved on the vertical surfaces. Printed sign letters or letters printed on transparent stickers complements the above sketches. The entrance signs together with the signs of the last theme (the cultural coexistence) differentiate from the rest of the signs matching the aesthetic of the rooms where they are placed.