The Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

The Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis is located in the homonymous area, close to Preveza, Greece. The exhibition of the Museum concerns exclusively the archeological site’s findings, which largely determines its central idea and the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archeological site of Nicopolis. The logo of the Museum attempts to imprint this connection. The curves from the arches of the city walls, the appearance of the aqueduct, and the perspective of the outer corridor of the Odeum formed the basis for the creation of the initial letters of the title, AMN. Simultaneously, the synthetic dimension of the form is underlined by the absence of part of M, as fragments that compose the general image and finally the history.

The website of the Museum covers all the thematic sections of the exhibition and information about the visit, its history, and the archeological site. The use of introductory videos, large images, and auxiliary floor plans helps the visitor obtain an overall picture of the space and the area, suggests itineraries, and informs him about each space’s content. The color differentiation of the exhibition sections and those of the website create a mosaic of orientation and information.