The archaeological museum of Chaironeia

The archaeological museum of Chaironeia is among the oldest museums of Greece and it was built between 1903-1907. Redisplaying the museum’s collection was based on the great historical meaning of the area as a field of decisive war conflicts. Also, the museum is home to exhibits and information for the prehistoric north Boeotia and its later years. Exhibits vary in size and building material and are usually displayed inside large showcases while a small number of very large marble constructions are freely spread in the area. Information, texts, and pictures, inside and on the back of the showcases, are printed in a solid color, to avoid an “over the top” feeling, over plexiglass surfaces that run along with the showcases together with the numbered labels in the front of them. Both labels and signs differentiate in color and design to notify the theme change since exhibition areas are mostly unified. Lastly, an MDF installation that encompasses a monitor and information for Plutarch was designed and installed together with additional linear maps and charts.