“Tales on Paper Documents” exhibition

“Histories epi Chartou” meaning “stories on a map” but here Tales written on paper Documents. The temporary exhibition is housed in the building of the Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments in Thiseio, Athens. The exhibition is about the establishment and the actions of the Hellenic Archaeological Service in its early years. All exhibits are documents, comprised of formal and informal letters, that showcase the condition of antiquities but also the state of early Greek republic. Apart from the documents that are displayed on showcases in their material form, many digitalized documents were used and integrated into the wall-printed signs. Room configuration, meaning the colors of the walls, the installation of the showcases, and the design of the wall-mounted signs, to reuse them in future exhibitions. Signs, therefore, are constructed from detachable parts together with two fixed horizontal surfaces that run along the exhibition’s walls. Colors and textures were similar to the ones of the documents and the labeling frames of the thematic unities.